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If the qualities of the Galaxy Note 7 are undeniable, Samsung is seen still criticized in his homeland. The reason ? A pre-installed application that is not to the liking of everyone.
Last week, Samsung unveiled its Galaxy Note 7 new high-end flagship that will serve as headlining the manufacturer for the whole second half of 2016. Even before its release, it is already a success for the Korean giant that prides itself already have achieved record pre-orders. Yet the discontent also goes in parallel.

government 3.0
The Korea Herald reports that Samsung has added the Government 3.0 application to the list of pre-installed apps on the Galaxy Note 7. Developed by the Korean government, this application is presented to the user at first boot, which is not the taste of Green consumer Network, a local civic group that believes that "the government pressured consumers by forcing them to use an unwanted service." The opposition did not pray to comment on the matter, citing "a sneaky trick to promote government propaganda by using the popularity of smartphones."
Samsung defended himself on this point by stating that the installation option can be ignored, and even suppressed afterwards if the need is felt. For his part, the Korean government also expressed recalling 3.0 Government takes only 1.2 MB of disk space and "will benefit users by providing services often used by the public as tax services or issuance of public documents. "

What history does not specify is the list of permissions requested by the application to function.
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